Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

A registrant registers a gift and sets the total amount required to purchase the gift. The registrant then advises family and friends about the registered gift at

How can I find a registered gift?

Gift "contributors" can search the database using the organizers name or enter the registry # to contribute to the gift.

Who can register?

Anyone can register a gift at You can register a gift for yourself, your partner, your kids, family members or friends.

What can be registered?

The possibilities are endless as ANYTHING can be registered. Big ticket items, activities for kids etc.

How will I know how much money has been collected?

There is a meter bar next to each registered gift indicating how much money has been collected.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Paypal, cash and cheque.

How do I get the contributed funds?

For online contributions, the money is held in the Paypal account that you, the registrant, enters at the time of registration. You have full access to your funds at all times and can withdraw the funds at your convenience.
*Note: you must upgrade to a Paypal Premier account and standard Paypal fees apply.

For cash/cheque donations, the money must be sent to you by mail or given at the event.

Does have access to my money?

No! is a third party site that allows you to register your desired gift. never has access to the funds contributed. All online contributions made are deposited to your Paypal account.

What are the fees for using is completely FREE. We do not charge any fees nor take a percentage of your contributions.
*please note that Paypal's standard fees apply. Please visit to know more

What happens to the funds if the goal is not met?

Even if the goal is not met, the money contributed is fully yours and you are free to spend it how you wish. You may choose to use the collected funds towards your registered wishgift.

What happens if a surplus of funds is achieved?

Lucky you! With the extra funds you are free to buy complimentary items to the gift or give the recipient the extra funds. The money is all yours!

How is a "wishgift" different from a wishlist?

A wishlist allows you to communicate your gift desire(s). takes it one step further by providing the opportunity for others to contribute towards your gift. At you're given the freedom to wish and the power to get.

How does use my information?

Please consult our Privacy Policy to be assured that will not sell or share your personal information.

For any other questions or clarification please message