Wishgift.ca was launched by busy moms Rheanna and Tracy after feeling the effects of gift-overwhelmingness! In attending numerous kid birthday parties, they found it a challenge to find the perfect gift and noticed that others were experiencing similar issues. In the spirit of making gift-giving effortless, convenient and simple, www.wishgift.ca began.

Wishgift.ca is a site that is based on group giving. It communicates a gift option for your guests and allows them to contribute online using Paypal or traditionally using cash or cheque. All the funds are tallied on your personal meter bar so you always know how close you are to attaining the funds to purchase the gift.

Wishgift.ca is a completely FREE site for the gift registrant, recipient and contributor (please note that Paypal's standard fees apply). Wishgift.ca can be used to register anything desired; toys, lessons, instruments, electronics, sport equipment, or even funds to your favourite charity...the options are endless!

Perks for the Gift Recipient:

Sometimes partygoers want to get a gift but just don't know what to get. Wishgift.ca takes the discomfort out of telling family and friends your true gift desires by communicating a gift option. It eliminates the chance of duplicates and returns to the store..
Perks for the Gift Contributor:

Wishgift.ca eliminates all gift-giving stress by you never having to search for a gift. A gift is communicated to you and you have the choice to contribute. It is a cost effective, time-saving and convenient tool. With a few simple clicks, you are giving the perfect gift every time.

Happy, simple gift giving from Wishgift.ca

Have questions? Visit the FAQ's or message mywish@wishgift.ca